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21. We will continue to support women and men living in oil regions call to get TNC oil companies out of their countries.

We will make a demand for petroleum and uranium to be left in the ground. We will take direct action, coordinated and simultaneous action to shut down oil TNC's.

Slogan: Free Mother Earth from the Market

22. We will argue for a post hydrocarbon world that is one of subsistence and greater regional autonomy and self-sufficiency.

23. The Feminist Dialogues will organise an international conference on fundamentalism of all religions to free the world from fundamentalism.

March 8 2007 has bee declared as a global day of action. Women for a World Free from Fundamentalism. A website will be created for women's experiences of anti-fundamentalist struggles.

24. African women will plan a Dignity Forum in Africa, a space that will bring together indigenous people of the world, the Dalits, Khoi and others.

25. The concept of dignity will be expanded integrated into the Anti-trafficking activities.

26. A visibility campaign will be launched to expose trafficking of humans as a crime against humanity. Women will engage police agencies in the struggle again human trafficking.

27. The trade networks in the African women's movement will hold two festivals

One in Uganda June 2007 the other in March 2008 that explores alternatives to trade that enable rural women to trade their goods, finance their production and exchange seeds to support peasant farmers and rural livelihoods. Food Sovereignty the right to land and natural resources will be a central platform in the festival.

28. The Courts of Women will redefine poverty as a deliberate form of slavery new apartheid that deepens structural violence and poverty.

African women will use this analysis to confront created scarcity and challenge the dominant concepts and categories that are unable to grasp the fact that poverty is genocide.

Slogan: Another Political Imaginary is Possible

29. Women of the world will support the self determination and political participation of women emerging out of conflict such as the DRC, Iraq in the democratisation processes of their countries.

We will support political literacy to enable women to take positions of decision-making to assist them transform institutions from within.

30. The Right to Work and Decent Work

Campaign will be launched through a common day of action in support of women working in the formal and informal sectors. An international conference on women's income, right to work, and reproductive work will be held.

31. The World March for Women will be intensified by fermenting a feminist revolution from grassroots levels, reconstruct women's relationship with the environment. Women�s mobilisation will be launched against G8 June 2007.

Slogan: Mobilise, Organise and Unite Women's Struggles

32. The women's movement will challenge constructs and concepts around media, technologies that perpetuate neoliberalism and advance fundamentalism and militarism.

A campaign will be launched to ensure that information and communication are public goods that should promote citizenship, participation, democracy not profit. It will affirm and centre indigenous and women's knowledge as a value and wisdom that contributes to humanity. Work with women's media networks on a multimedia strategy.

33. The women's movement will ensure that future WSF's and other women's spaces provide an intergenerational way of movement building that embraces and harnesses the participation of young women.

Young women will claim space for leadership. Mentorship's will be advanced to connect younger women's struggles wit other struggles around the world. Young women will organise a forum to protect them from violence.

34. A writing, thinking and action series around the ethics of discomfort will be launched to raise urgent and new questions about reality and the actions taken, and about the practices of actors.

In essence, this will force us to invent new approaches modelled on impertinent knowledge, which questions the legitimacy of the traditional discourse. Uncertainty will become a powerful engine for change and action.

35. Our use of the ethics of discomfort will allow us to disassociate ourselves from gender visions that de-politicise the transgressive content of existing social relations and make them sheer objects of technical analysis;

In rejecting poverty as the main object of analysis and the shift of focus on to the inequity in the distribution of wealth, as the only option of moving towards social justice rather than charity.

36. In the Multilateral such as the UN, WTO, IMF and BANK institutions, regional and national policies,

We will deconstruct and depoliticise the economy and shift to reconstruct and politicise politics, displacing the hegemony of the market over citizens while articulating social change. We will recover transgressive proposals at the level of the private sphere; imbue them with new political meaning to reveal the interrelationship between production and social reproduction. The national budget will be used as an entry point to challenge hegemonic market power in 2007 in various countries in Africa.

37. The Women's movements will work to transform the WSF space to ensure that women of the South from Africa, Asia, Latin America, play central roles in the IC, content and all working committees and space.

It will demand the end of the ghettoisation of women who can not attend many forums because of lack of translation, high price of attendance and inadequate representation of women in the majority of the convergence space.

38. Women of the world need the WSF as a space to learn to listen and to speak with plurality that we call the women's movement. We the women of the world will reformulate the question of power.

We will repeat the formula to change the world we need to seize power, as we regain power we are organising it in the best way for the world.

39. For Women of the World, Hope is the very essence of popular movements. Nonconformity and discontent are not enough. Neither is critical awareness enough.

People mobilise themselves when they think that their action may bring about a change, whey they have hope!

400 Launch a global campaign on women resource right agenda originals to be found

218 Act to open up conversation on sex issues especially in Kenya rural areas

229 Train women on computers and value their skills

Adapted from WSF

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