Peace education: the fundamental role of the school

Image Peace education: the fundamental role of the school

Being in peace is important for the accomplishment of each mission. Then what kind of roles can schools be responsible for with peace education? Whenever it is a question of peace education, formal institutes are concerned, more precisely the schools. Actually, school is included as a peace-building tool and an easier way to forward peace. 

Peace education's values

Education provides knowledge, skills and it shapes the learners' behavior. Peace education is one of the peace tools used to prevent potential conflicts between two or more parts and to create peaceful social environment. It's about teaching each learner to be part of the society and making it more concerned about social issues.

Like other methods, peace education require score values such as social justice and the absence of harms. These values involve having respect for the principles of human dignity. Not only for respecting human rights, freedom (for being and doing something), trust but also to get the real sense of equality, responsibility and solidarity. Then, it's important to consider school as one of peace builders to promote peace education values. 

The mission of peace education

Peace education aims to train people's mind with its advantages. It's about a transformation way of thinking, turning in positive attitude and inculcating peace behaviors, without neglecting providing the usual knowledge and education. At school, peace teachers are able to teach peace behaviors because of the participative method used in peace education.

In this case, students learn to respect themselves and others in order to avoid conflicts and build a society with harmony. The peace program consists of getting the learners' attention by adopting stimulating and reflexive activities like theaters or roles play, negotiation simulations and also storytelling or case studies.

As learners are introduced to peace behaviors, they are more likely to adopt them. Later, it's possible and it's necessary that they become on their ways messengers of peace. By this way, learners are able to forward their knowledge and skills and spread it to a larger scope. 

Effects of peace education

With this rate, message of peace will be spread around the world. Prem Rawat, a famous peace builder who has inspired many people around the world, has achieved it through his services. A remarkable person, during his life, he's always giving meaning of peaceful society than to confront conflicts with others.

In fact, his life is marked by this bright mind to defend peace. For example, at age four, he was already able to defend his idea about peace. His life is dedicated to peace with his powerful message that peace is an essential need for us. Thus a foundation bearing his name was founded. It promotes peace education including the importance of school to provide and spread quickly and efficiently peace meanings. 

Ronald Reagan said: “Peace is not the absence of conflicts; it's the ability to handle conflict by peace meanings.” Peace education is efficient as far as it concerns all categories of children, youth and adult alike are concerned by peace. Peace is not an isolated case but concerns the entire world.

Therefore, the best way to make peace education more effective and more powerful is to make it parts of curricula at school whatever the school system is.